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Fun Facts you may or may not know about Terraria

Fun Facts you may or may not know about Terraria

-dungeons can extend all the way to the underworld
-wings + rocket boots will make you fly longer compared to just wings or rocket boots
-dungeon guardians can detect you even if you aren’t inside a dungeon, but near the outside of one
-a full set of mythril armor will sparkle when exposed to light & is almost as bright as a torch
-bunnies indicate the spawn area
-you can make a hallowed biome in a new world before hardmode and no hallowed enemies will spawn, but it’s still a good way to fight the corruption since it doesn’t spread
-Friendly NPC’s can have de-buffs
-using a pwn hammer to destroy demon alters before hardmode will damage you.
-up to 3 wraiths spawn every time you destroy a demon alter-there is a 50% chance for a chest to spawn in the ocean-you can destroy the corrupter’s spit- silver and gold sell for more as raw ore than as bars, only ones to do so.

-demonite ore is the most valuable so if you’re looking to make a profit, killing a boss a few times every night is a good way

-the spawn time of Wyverns is random. Once you’re in the sky, they could take forever, a bit, or spawn right away. Sometimes, one will spawn right after you defeated one

-most processed wood isn’t impervious to lava.

-clouds don’t move in normal biomes

-mimic gold/shadow chests don’t shine

Terraria Updates 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 Summarized

Updates 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 were some of the most important in Terraria’s history because they could possibly be the last two updates released.

Update 1.1.1 was a much larger update than 1.1.2 and brought a plethora of improvements to Terraria’s gameplay and graphical performance, including reduced RAM requirements through improved utilization of resources.  Players also were given the option to turn off backgrounds, and the ability to untie bound non-player characters (NPCs) while Autopause is enabled.  Also, when you switch to a new lighting mode and Terraria is unable to display it, instead of crashing, it will not automatically switch to Retro lighting as a backup.  Several visual glitches and aesthetic deficiencies were corrected in update 1.1.1 – the removal of the shadow glitch while in “trippy” lighting mode, and the added presence of visible wall damage done by bombs thrown by clown characters. Also, the developers gave the “Cursed Torch” item the ability to emit light while under water.

Update 1.1. 2 included the translation of the game into four more languages – French, German, Italian, and Spanish.  Likewise, Terraria now has text support for various keyboard layouts and accented letters.  The developer also focused on addressing online multiplayer security issues, and fixed a bug that caused spawn items to not work in multiplayer games.

Future Updates for Terraria?

As you may know, development on Terraria halted in February of 2012 when the indie developer (who goes by the nickname “Red”) announced that there would be no further updates in the foreseeable future. However, after receiving an onslaught of comments from Terraria fans expressing their desire to continue playing the game and/or to participate in ongoing community-based development, the developer responded saying that future updates could come in the form of modding or converting the game to open source (although many believe this is unlikely due to the developer’s comments on the topic).

While many Terraria players are upset with the fact that the game will probably not receive any major updates or bug fixes any time soon, its gameplay is already so deep and expansive that playing it in its current state is satisfactory for most people. After all, the game was built to give the player control over the virtual environment in many ways, so in a sense you’re continually updating your Terraria gaming experience every time you play.  Ultimately, Terraria is still an entertaining action-adventure/RPG game that will continue to provide hours of enjoyment for gamers around the world for years to come.