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Terraria: The “Hallow” Overview

Is Terraria really just Minecraft in 2D? We are building blocks and roaming randomly generated worlds, explore caves, always in search of valuable minerals and special items. Unlike Minecraft, Terraria puts its focus all on the fighting rather than on the crafting and finding ever-increasing armor and weapons.

One problem was the lack of challenge in Terraria, at least if you can be the first to find the strongest armor and sharpest blades to call your own. That has since changed.

Terraria: The “Hallow”: Looks pretty, but it is very dangerous.

Very well equipped heroes may end up in the underworld – to summon the so-called “Wall of Flesh” – in the most hostile environment already on each card. Those who manage to overcome the very strong bosses, will enter the all-new Hard Mode. From now on, much deadlier enemy types populate the world. The critters should not be underestimated: after we have defeated the Wall of Flesh, we feel invincible in our armor. A visit to the actually harmless surface at night took by surprise.

The hard mode bears his name in good taste. Not only because all opponents are much stronger now there is also the risk of fire “Corruption”. In addition to the Defeating of the Wall of Flesh, a new environment is created, the “Hallow”. Although there are running unicorns and fairies flying around, and a rainbow shines in the background, it is not what it seems. For what sounds nice and peaceful, is actually the trickiest area in the whole game, especially if you venture into the depths.

To keep the new threats under control, the game world in hard mode has three new minerals “is blessed”: Cobalt, Mythril and Adamantium. Which can be used to produce new, more powerful weapons and armor sets and tools. When you own all the items from the three minerals you can merge them to the “Hallowed” set, the most powerful set of in the game.

There are new weapons and magic spells, as well as additional, powerful equipment. They are particularly useful when entering one of the new hard mode bosses. Although these are “only” stronger versions of the famous bosses. The new drops and the related crafting opportunities are still worth it to fight against them. Trust me, a flamethrower is worth using up space in your inventory. Kind of like the one in GTA Vice city game free download.

In addition to new items and crafting a new category was added: alchemy. With a lot of different herbs that can all grow in a garden, we can concoct various potions, which are particularly useful in the endgame. Three new NPCs with useful articles and an electricity system, which allows some doors to open with a switch, complete the playful innovations.

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